The Importance of Routine Dental X-Rays and Your Protection From Radiation

Why do I need routine dental x-rays?

         Regular dental check-ups are frequently associated with dental x-rays.  Because dental professionals cannot see deep between the teeth with their eyes alone, they are an essential part of maintaining your dental health. Dental x-rays are needed to check between your teeth for cavities, or decalcification which is the beginning of a cavity. They can save you time, money, and more invasive treatment if we are able to detect cavities early. Sometimes we can see areas of decalcification before they even turn into a true “cavity” prompting us to provide you with some tips and tricks to possibly avoid the need for future treatment.

         Dental x-rays also show us the bone levels around your teeth and tartar that may be below the gum tissue.  This is a very important tool when diagnosing gum disease and to aid in the therapy of gum disease.  We are also able to detect infections around the roots of teeth, tumors (either cancerous or non-cancerous), and cysts in the jaw bone that may or may not be symptomatic to you.  When dealing the cancerous findings, this can be responsible for saving your life.

How do you protect me from unwanted radiation exposure?

         At Van Hoof Dental we stay on the cutting edge of x-ray technology ensuring that our patients are protected from unnecessary radiation exposure.  The use of digital radiographs dramatically cuts down the dosage of radiation needed to expose a dental x-ray making them safer for you.  The use of a lead apron and thyroid collar will ensure you are properly protected.  The amount of radiation that you may be exposed to during a typical dental x-ray is just a fraction of the daily background radiation that you are exposed to by living in the US according to The National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP).

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