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Dr. Van Hoof has completed extensive education, training, and gathered the needed experience for complex oral surgery procedures. Rest assured, if you have needs for tooth extractions, bone or tissue grafts, crown lengthening or even gum surgery, your Appleton oral surgeons at Van Hoof Dental will treat you and your family with excellent care.

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Our Oral Surgery Services

While oral and maxillofacial surgery procedures can be complex, you can feel confident that Dr. Van Hoof will take care of all your needs, including your recovery with the utmost care.

At Van Hoof Dental, our Appleton and Fox Valley dental team will help answer any questions you may have about the process of extractions, grafts, crown lengthening, and gingivectomy, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Services Overview:


Whether your wisdom teeth are starting to bother you, or you have a tooth or teeth that are no longer repairable, the oral surgeons at Van Hoof Dental are trained to help with removing teeth in a comfortable manner. In addition to standard tooth extractions, our practice also deals with more complex cases, including impacted wisdom teeth and teeth with advanced decay or damage.

Dr. Van Hoof and the oral surgeon team are skilled in navigating these challenges, employing a combination of expertise and technology to ensure the best outcomes. Patients at Van Hoof Dental can expect a thorough pre-surgical assessment, including imaging and a detailed discussion of the procedure, to ensure you are fully informed and comfortable with the process.

Bone & Tissue Grafts

At Van Hoof Dental, we understand that tooth extraction is just the beginning of the journey towards oral health. Following a tooth extraction, a hole is left in the jaw bone. A bone graft, performed by our experienced Appleton oral surgeon team, is used to fill in this hole so that healing is faster and the surrounding bone is supported. This will, in turn, allow for future implant placement should you decide to replace the missing tooth.

When it comes to bone and tissue grafts, our team provides personalized care, ensuring each patient receives the best possible treatment for their specific needs. With our expertise, patients can look forward to a speedy recovery and a solid foundation for any future dental procedures.

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a oral surgery procedure that is necessary when a defect or cavity spreads below the gum line. In order to get a long lasting and aesthetic final crown or filling on the tooth a crown lengthening procedure needs to be performed.

Patients coming to us for crown lengthening can expect a detailed consultation, where we discuss the procedure, its benefits, and any concerns they may have. Our goal is to ensure every patient feels informed and comfortable throughout their treatment journey.


If you are unhappy with your “gummy smile” or have uneven levels of gum tissue, ask us about your options. This procedure simply involves reshaping of the gum levels to enhance your smile!

The benefits of gingivectomy extend beyond cosmetic enhancement. For some of our patients, removing excess gum tissue can also improve oral hygiene, as it reduces areas where plaque and bacteria can accumulate. The Van Hoof Dental oral surgical team ensures that each gingivectomy is tailored to the patient’s individual needs.

Meet Dr. Van Hoof

Dr. Logan at Van Hoof Dental has expanded his expertise to perform more complex procedures, such as oral or maxillofacial surgeries, for his patients. Dr. Logan and the team are excited to meet you and provide you with exceptional dental care!

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